Diving Activities

At the southeastern tip of the main island of New Guinea lies the province of Milne Bay and what many consider to be some of the best all-around scuba diving  in Papua New Guinea (check our divers packages here). The Diversity, abundance and quality of the dive sites in the area is really quite amazing and encompasses everything from the famous muck diving sites at Lauadi and Observation Point, to renowned manta cleaning station “Giant at Home” near Samari Island.

Sprinkle in to this mix some of the many WWII wrecks in the area, such as the Black Jack B17F Flying Fortress bomber just off the beach at Cape Vogel, and some of the superb reefs, and it’s easy to understand Milne Bay is on the “must do” list for mist divers.

Tawali is in a great location both physically and geographically, with pristine surroundings and its position on the north coast, which provides shelter from the prevailing SE winds most of the time. This means there is always access to the dive sites all year round, with exception of February when the predominant winds create fairly big seas that make it very difficult to manage the boats.

The visibility at mist of the dive sites becomes optimal during the wet season, from June through to August, and remains good to excellent all the way through to late October. water temperatures vary from around 30 degrees Celsius in the summer down to about 25 degrees Celsius in the winter.

Visit Tawali and experience the best dive destinations in PNG. Go scuba diving, muck diving, and wreck diving as you explore the greatest range of marine biodiversity in the protected waters of New Guinea, New Ireland, and New Britain. Click on the dive locations (numbered icons) on the map below and discover countless beautiful diving sites that await you in PNG!


Leisure Activities


 Skull Cave and Waterfall Tour

Maybe not everybody’s idea of fun, but it’s not everyday you can stand in the darkness surrounded by piles of skulls is it? The skull caves are one of the “tourist attractions of Milne Bay and a visit to them, together with a side trip to the nearby village & waterfall is a good way to spend a non diving afternoon.

 The skull cave is underground and reached using a wooden stairway constructed by the local villages who use presence of visitors to show & sell their handicrafts and will be waiting for you when you re-emerge.

After the skull cave, guest will proceed then to the waterfalls located Guides will take you on a forty minute hike up through the lush forest to beautiful waterfalls where guests can take a break for a snack and dip in the pool before heading down.


Bird Watching Tour

Many people do not know that Papua New Guinea is a bird watcher’s paradise. Milne Bay is also home of Birds of Paradise. Witness how a male bird calling out a female bird. Unwind then enjoy the paradise…

 Hiking Tawali

Take guide bush walks into the rainforest or walk along the coast through local villages. There is even an extended day hike across the mountain ridge rising behind the resort, where you can view the entire coastline and the defense rainforest canopy. Take a pair of binoculars to view the cockatoos, hornbills and parrots along the way.

Dei Dei Hotspring Tours

The Dei Dei hotspring in Fergusson Island is a sight to marvel with a certail mystical twist. Visitors to the place are awed by nature’s force and for those who do not believe in “black magic” a little convinced that there could be something out there.



Canoe Making Demonstration Tour

Showcasing the skill and craftmanship and the rich history of boat making.


Mumu (Traditional Stone Cooking) Demonstration 

Mumu is an earth oven that operates by heating stones which are afterward put or arranged around on the food, covered with banana leaves firmly to prevent steam to escape during the process of cooking. The food usually consists of sweet  potatoes, yams, bananas, taro, and chicken or pork. These ingredients are mixed together and placed inside freshly cut leaves from a banana tree.  The banana leaves are wrapped tightly so that no air can leak out, and just before the package is sealed, coconut grease is poured into the package to flavor the ingredients. The package is then placed on the pile of hot rocks and covered with additional rocks and coconut husks.

Picnic & Snorkelling at Boi Boi Waga Island

Boi boi waga is a small island surrounded by a white sand beach. Located near the East Cape, the tip of mainland PNG, you will lose yourself in the pristine and clear water of the island.


Snorkelling at Coral Gardem

Chosen as No. 1 best dive sites in Milne Bay, Coral Garden is also a must place to visit for Snorkellers. Amaze yourself for beautiful varieties of corals and fish that you will see in Coral Garden.


Tawali’s location is ideal for fishing.  The pristine water surrounding the resort is abundant of  many varities of big yellowfin tuna, wahoo, trevally, mackerel, and barracuda.




Cultural Experience

PNG as one of most culturally diverse countries in the world, Tawali is best location to experience what PNG can offer. Tawali offers village experience, visit local village, traditiol nacooking, basket weaving, traditional dance entertainment and sailing on traditional canoe guided by a local.


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Tawali Resort Map