Experiencing Milne Bay Live Aboard MV Spirit of Niugini
by Tawali Resort | February 02, 2018 7:31am

Milne Bay is a must-visit place for divers for plenty of reasons. As the heart of scuba diving in PNG, it offers rich marine biodiversity, an epic history, and even the best dive sites in the world. Basically, it is what puts PNG to the world map, and what better way to explore this aquatic treasure trove than to live aboard the M/V Spirit of Niugini.


Aboard the Spirit of Niugini


Live Aboard MV Spirit of Niugini

(M/V Spirit of Niugini)


The Spirit of Niugini is a 36-meter-long newly refurbished dive live aboard boat that explores the stunning waters of Milne Bay. It features eight spacious, air-conditioned staterooms that can accommodate 16 guests per trip. It is also fully-equipped with en-suite bathrooms, fresh water showers, indoor lounge, shaded outdoor area, A/V entertainment system, and a sundeck—all these to provide a comfortable stay for its guests.


Tawali’s deluxe live aboard monohull also boasts of a complete dive facility for the serious & experienced divers. The trip lets you have access to roomy dive decks, spacious dressing, individual storage areas, and easily-accessible dive platforms.  Divers are also treated to hot towels, and if you’re into underwater photography, the boat also includes photographic facilities for photographers and videographers. Nitrox are also available for qualified divers.


live aboard mv spirit of niugini png

(Aboard the Spirit of Niugini)


The Spirit of Niugini is operated by a professional crew, typically operating from full-8 nights or less depending on the chosen itineraries. The crew is certified to give first-aid treatment in case of emergencies.


Access to Milne Bay’s Remote Reefs

Aboard the MV Spirit of Niugini, explore itineraries offering refreshing live aboard experience, starting and finishing at Tawali Leisure and Dive Resort. Go scuba diving, wreck diving, muck diving and more exciting water activities while exploring the pristine reefs and dive sites of Milne Bay.


(East Cape in Milne Bay. One of the Spirit of Niugini’s itineraries.)


Venture out to Milne Bay’s beautiful islands including D’Entrecasteaux Group, Samarai, and Conflict Group. Discover bountiful waters, rich coral gardens, diverse aquatic critters as well as historical wreck sites in the smaller islands included in the Spirit of Niugini’s itineraries such as Samari, Nuakata, Furguson, Normanby, and Cape Vogel.


Unique Live Aboard Experience

With its topnotch amenities & facilities, the Spirit of Niugini offers a unique live aboard trip that every diver should experience at least once in the waters of Milne Bay. The knowledgeable staff members plus the exciting itineraries are all leaning to make a memorable trip to PNG. Truly, there is no better way to explore the hidden beauty of Milne Bay than aboard Tawali’s dive live aboard boat.


Book a reservation now and be one of the few lucky guests who get to experience the unknown paradise that is Milne Bay.

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