Animals You Can See in Papua New Guinea
by Tawali Resort | July 07, 2019 2:29am

People love animals. We see them as a companions, friends and sources of happiness. We also marvel at their physical beauty, ability to swim, fly, reproduce and communicate, and how they survive in our fast-changing environment. They are also beneficial to us in many ways in terms of food, clothing, medicine and supplying other necessities in life. Aside from that, we also use them as the subject of our theses to make inventories of species, research our environment, and study their impact on human beings and planetary life at large. But for travelers, animals are a rare delight. Their beautiful sight is soothing to see and makes a good subject for photos. Thus, wanderers fly to different countries to catch a glimpse of exotic animals.


If you’re one of those travelers and you don’t know where to find the animals of your dreams, we have a suggestion for you. Why don’t you add Papua New Guinea destinations to your list? PNG has one of the most abundant flora and fauna in the world. It’s home to many known species as well as unnamed animals waiting to be discovered. Hence, the country is guaranteed to be the perfect place for your wildlife photography sessions! Here’s a rundown of different species that awaits you here.



Arboreal animals are species that spend most of their time in trees are widely spread in Papua New Guinea, which is not surprising as statistics show that 63.4% or 28,726,000 hectares (ha) of the country is forested. Not to mention that 26,210,000 ha of this is classified as a primary forest (the most diverse and carbon-dense forest), while more than 86,000 ha is planted forest. Thus, the country is abundant with trees which serves as a habitat, food source and breeding ground of arboreal animals. Some animals that live here are hundreds and thousands of species of birds, chameleons, geckos, tree frogs, lizards and insects.


Tree Frog




Papua New Guinea is also filled with mountain destinations perfect for hiking, sight-seeing and having a closer look at land animals. Its mountain ranges, soil and caves are home to monkeys, koalas, sloths, possums, rodents, bats, kangaroos and other kinds of mammals. You can meet species while trekking. In some cases, you are allowed to feed them and have an ultimate wildlife experience permitted by a tourist guide, wildlife expert and the local authority. It is also important to note that other species are not used to interacting with people and are located in specific areas only. Take caves for example. Caves in Papua New Guinea contain species of bats that you can’t find in the forest in broad daylight. You are not allowed to touch and catch them, especially the wild or endangered ones for safety measures. However, the good news is you are free to take photos as much as you want!






Aside from impressive landforms, Papua New Guinea also boasts its blue waters, pristine waterfalls and numerous diving destinations. Its bays contain atolls (ring-shaped coral reef), muck and historical wrecks inhabited by different animals such as whales, sea turtles, octopus, crocodiles, critters, schools of fish and unique species. Different types of amphibians and reptiles are present, too! What’s also great about this country is that the premium resorts are providing all-in packages for divers! This means wanderers are taken to the right spots and can dive complete with equipment, suit and gears along with the guidance of a professional. This kind of customer service in Papua New Guinea, as well as the marine biodiversity, makes diving and underwater photography a rewarding experience for wanderers!


Fish School

Coral Reef


See the gallery of other animals in Papua New Guinea here.


With the richness in tourist destinations and animals that Papua New Guinea has, your dream of seeing unique species can be fulfilled! What are you waiting for? Book your trip now!

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