Where To Dive in Papua New Guinea?
by Tawali Resort | March 03, 2023 1:47am

Traveling tasks like booking your tickets, packing your bags and traveling to the airport are the easy part of starting an trip. For an adventurous soul, what can get difficult is finalizing where to go. With the world’s numerous tourist destinations, you’ll never run out of places to cross off from your bucket list. However, it’s hard to find that one place that can meet all your requirements — a relatable dilemma for divers. If you’re a diver too, you’ll surely have a hard time looking for that spot that can cater all your scuba, muck and wreck diving needs. Fortunately, you don’t need to look further as the best resorts in Papua New Guinea is not as hard to find.


But where exactly you should go?


The answer is Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea.

Milne Bay is a large bay located in the southeastern part of Papua New Guinea.  It is the home of several premium leisure and dive resorts which host several outdoor activities and grand festivals. But more than the events that every resort prepares, the real deal for divers is the destination’s beautiful islands, rich coral reefs and historic wrecks. You don’t have to spend too much time and money transferring from one bay to another as Milne Bay lets you scuba, muck and wreck dive all in one place.


How is this possible?

Milne Bay consists of large islands such as Cape Vogel, East Cape, Furgoson Island and Normanby Island and some of the much smaller islands of Sanaroa, Watoa, Nuakata and Duchess. These islands are known for their:


1. Historic Aircraft Wrecks

Papua New Guinea was involved in World War II in 1942. The country turned into a major theatre of war back then. Although the war is over, the historic ruins remain under the waters.  In these wrecks, you can go non-penetration, limited penetration and full penetration wreck diving depending on your skills and preference.



2. Pristine Reefs

The bay has 500 cays and atolls scattered over 250,000km2 of the ocean. Previous divers report that these reefs are undamaged, close to shore and suitable for all levels of experience. Therefore, you are guaranteed to enjoy the beauty of coral pinnacles, elaborate soft corals and various fish schools.



3. Rich Marine Biodiversity

Along with the healthy coral reefs is the abundant marine life of the Milne Bay.  Different kinds of fish, mantas, sharks, critters and other kinds of pelagics are present in its ecosystem. This is one of the reasons why the bay is rated as one of the best diving destinations in the world.



You see, a single trip to Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea already guarantees a lot of treats for divers, history lovers and underwater photographers. The fun doesn’t end there! The best resorts in Papua New Guinea also offer side trips for tourists to enjoy to explore every corner of Milne Bay. You can go hiking, bird watching, fishing, snorkeling, picnic and more!


So what are you waiting for? Book a trip to Milne Bay now and enjoy a fun-filled vacation!


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